Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Flying used to be something my travel-loving family looked forward to, to savor and enjoy. Now, flying is something we ENDURE.

I, and I am sure millions of others, are tired of paying to be mistreated, from the time we arrive at the luggage kiosk; to the "TSA strip search," to being crumpled into too small seats, to not being allowed out of those seats "while the seat belt light is on (always!), to losing our luggage, to being herded like cattle to slaughter on returning home to the USA - to more lost luggage.

In Sept, 2003, my family flew United Airlines to Europe. Because of the lack of care and downright rudeness by United staff, on the ground and by flight attendants in the air, we swore never to fly United Airlines again, and we haven't.

However, since 2003, my family of 4 has flown to Hawaii 8 times, and to Europe 7 times, plus about 40 flights within the USA. That's at least 100 round trips. None of those were on United Airlines.

As for the current trend to charge for everything, I am not planning to pay extra to any airline for luggage handling, for food, for pillows and blankets or for any other formerly free items/services. Airlines are making what is already abominable treatment of travelers, into intolerable treatment.

Short-term thinking may create short-term cuts in airline costs, but will negatively affect airline revenues long into the future.

Airlines need to be giving us travelers a reason TO FLY; not a reason NOT TO FLY.

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