Monday, September 08, 2008

Allergies: What to Do

I have had terrible allergies all my life, done the shots thing, and all the Rx and OTC meds. I spent a week in the hospital once with Asthma. After that, I knew something had to be done, so I tried homeopathic drops, which work for me.

Homeopathics (homeo means "the same") are tiny, tiny, tiny amounts of whatever you are allergic to, distilled down 6, 8 or 12 times. It is kind of like allergy shots, meaning they get your body set up to fight off the allergens you respond to. The homeopathic drops work best if you start taking them about a month ahead of the allergy season.

You usually won't find these drops in the pharmacy, so go to your local health food store, such as Whole Foods, Central Market, Oat Willie's, etc.

I use the homeopathic allergy drops made by BioAllers.

BioAllers makes drops ( which I prefer) for:
Pollen and Hayfever
Mold, Yeast and Dust (I used this year round here in Texas)
Tree Pollen (I use in the winter for Cedar Pollen)
Grass Pollen ( use this in the spring and fall)
Animal Hair and Dander
Dairy Allergies
Grain and Wheat Allergies
Children's Allergies (does not contain alcohol)

BioAllers makes tablets (dissolve under tongue) for:
Indoor Allergies
Outdoor Allergies
Pet Allergies

BioAllers makes Nasal Sprays for:
Sinus and Allergy (great for sinus infections - opens the sinuses to drain all that crap out)
Indoor Allergy
Outdoor Allergy

I keep a bottle of the Mold, Yeast and Dust plus a bottle of whatever else is in the air at the time, by my bed. I take a 1/2 dropper full of each under my tongue morning and evening. When allergens are really bad, I take a 1/2 dropper full several times a day.

I used to be able to buy homeopathic drops from a Nevada company called DOLISOS, which worked excellently for me, but I cannot find their products here since they were bought out by a French company, Groupe Limagrain. Homeopathics are big in Europe and are often prescribed by M.D.s there.

There is a good discussion of what homeopathics are, and what they do at

Homeopathics take a while to build up your immunity, so do not give up on them until you have tried them for at least 2 weeks. Most of the many people to whom I have recommended the homeopathic drops now swear by them. A bottle costs between $8 - $12 and usually last me a month or more.

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